Chairman’s Message


Chairman’s Message

From The Desk of Dr. Dennis Devery

Dr. Dennis W. Devery is the Vice President for Enrollment Management at Thomas Edison State University.

Thank you to all the members who have made the Chamber and our various events incredibly successful in 2018.  Because of you, the Burlington County Regional Chamber is one of the most successful chambers in the state of New Jersey. As we begin 2019, I look forward to working with each of you to increase opportunities for our members throughout Burlington County and our region. The chamber staff and the Board of Directors have established an aggressive plan to increase member engagement, grow our membership and provide increased services to our members in 2019. I hope you had a great 2018 and look forward to making 2019 an even better year for our Chamber members. If I or the Chamber staff can be of assistance to you or your business please reach out to me at or our President Kristi Howell at the Chamber. Our mission is to help you Connect, Grow and Succeed.

 Thanksgiving is a great time to reflect on the many blessings and opportunities each of us has enjoyed this year. As Chairman of the Board for the Burlington County Regional Chamber of Commerce I have been blessed to have a board that is incredibly supportive and willing to provide time, talent and treasure. I have been blessed with incredible volunteers who continually amaze me with their commitment to the chamber, our events and their fellow Chamber members. I have also been blessed to have an active membership that is engaged, creating new opportunities in our community and providing economic opportunities across our region. Finally, I have been blessed with a fulltime staff that does incredible work and has helped me create one of the most successful and vibrant Chambers in all of New Jersey!
To all of you, for all of my blessings, I say Thank You!

There are two major events which happen at this time of year. The first, is Halloween where we celebrate various traditions related to the Fall season. Aside from the tradition of walking the neighborhood collecting treats with our children this is also a chance to reconnect with neighbors and feel part of the autumn season. The second, happens in early November where we celebrate our democratic society by going to the polls and electing the people we want to represent us in our town, county, state and federal government. Having served in the military for thirty years, I have seen the sacrifice our brave men and women in uniform endure to insure that our democracy and way of life continue throughout the ages. So go enjoy Halloween with the kids and neighbors and then get out and vote for the person you want to represent you in our great system of government.
It is a treat having each of you as a member of the Chamber and we appreciate the fact that you elected the Burlington County Regional Chamber of Commerce to be the institution to help your business Connect, Grow and Succeed.

Fall is a time of change. The leaves are changing, there is a crispness to the air and schools reopen with the determination to inspire minds to understand what is currently known and to discover new knowledge that will change our communities and our world.

Your chamber is also hard at work providing ways to improve your knowledge and change your world. Chamber educational programs provide the opportunity for direct learning on a host of business subjects. Our partnership with Rowan College at Burlington County provides opportunities for your employees to receive valuable training, at no cost to you, through a program sponsored by the NJ Department of Labor. The Chamber events including our lunches, business after business events and our committee programs provide opportunities for peer to peer learning concerning business processes, plans and environments. Please take the time to become involved in the Chambers various educational opportunities and change your world during the fall season. The Chamber’s success depends on well-educated members who can connect, grow and succeed.

As summer comes to a close I hope each of you have made great memories with family and friends down the shore, at one of New Jersey’s beautiful lakes or just at a barbeque. Time passes quickly and without a plan to get together with family and friends the days turn into weeks, the weeks turn into months, and the months turn into years. As we start taking our children back to college or prepare them for high school or elementary school make a plan to spend time together in the fall, by winter you will be glad you did!

Just as planning is essential to ensuring great family time, planning is equally essential for success in business. September is a great time to assess how well your business has done in the first three quarters of the year and to plan to drive success in the fourth quarter. As you develop your plan, I hope the various Chamber events are part of your plan for success. The Chamber will have great lunch speakers, including CEOs and a former Governor, as well as exciting signature events throughout the fall.
The Chamber’s plan for success is to help all of our members connect, grow and succeed.
“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” These words were the foundation of the Declaration of Independence which brought forth a new nation and changed the course of human history.  July 4th we celebrate America’s independence and recognize the importance of understanding that all men are created equal and the importance of our declared rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Each of you are part of America’s continuing story that recognizes and enables these guiding principles. Your businesses drive an economy that provides all Americans with the opportunity for Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Enjoy America’s Independence Day and know that the Burlington County Regional Chamber of Commerce is here to support your efforts to continue our great American success story.

Welcome to Summer! As we enjoy Memorial Day and the beginning of summer please take a moment to reflect on the great freedoms we have in this country and the thousands of Americans who went off in service to our country and did not come home to enjoy the very freedom they gave their lives to preserve.  There are memorials around Burlington County to honor those who gave their lives in service to our country. I hope you have the opportunity to visit one of those monuments to these great Americans. As Chairman of the Burlington County Chamber of Commerce, I send our heartfelt thanks for the brave service members who paid the ultimate price for the liberty we enjoy and to the families of those service members. The families have given more than our nation can possibly repay

Each of us serve our nation in our own way and our businesses keep the American economy strong. A strong economy provides the resources for our common defense and ensures that all of our citizens have the opportunity for life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. The Chamber wishes each of you a happy summer and looks forward to helping you build a strong economy as
we build your business by providing you opportunities to
connect, grow and succeed.

Happy Spring!  Tax Day has passed and warmer temperatures are allowing everyone to get out and enjoy some sunshine and the company of our friends. Your friends at the Chamber encourage you to get out and enjoy the great companies that are part of our Chamber. There are excellent restaurants, sports teams, golf courses, hotels and a variety of other companies that make our Chamber great. I plan to take the opportunity this Spring and Summer to visit and patronize as many of our Chamber businesses as I can. I encourage you to join me in helping all of our Chamber businesses Connect, Grow and Succeed.

Happy Spring, this time of rejuvenation is a perfect time to consider how to reconnect with friends, customers and to grow new relationships through the Chamber. The Chamber’s recent Education and Workforce Development Conference was a great success because it reconnected Chamber members with employers, educators, government officials and labor union leaders in an effort to help members Grow and Succeed. Speakers from Google, Amazon, Kellogg and a number of other businesses provided opportunities for members to understand how these organizations operate and to grow new relationships with these exceptional organizations that are doing business in our local area. As the warmth of spring rejuvenates our region, plant the seeds of opportunity by engaging with the Chamber and attending Chamber events intended to nourish opportunities for your business to Connect, Grow and Succeed.
Dr. Dennis W. Devery is the Vice President for Institutional Planning & Research at Thomas Edison State University.

Thank you to all the members who have taken part in the Chamber’s various events over the past month. 2018 is shaping up to be a great year for the chamber and for our members. As we began the new year, it was great to hear so many state, county and local government officials speak about  their interest in growing our economy and helping make Chamber members even more successful in 2018. If you or your business need assistance with state, county or local issues, please reach out to me and our President Kristi Howell at the Chamber. We will connect you with the appropriate state, county or local official.  Remember, the mission of our Chamber is to help you Connect, Grow and Succeed.
Dr. Dennis W. Devery is the Vice President for Institutional Planning & Research at Thomas Edison State University.

Happy New Year! 2018 is shaping up to be a year of significant change in our state, our nation and the economy. In 2018, we welcome a new Governor, Phil Murphy, to the statehouse in Trenton who has pledged to change the State’s tax policies, business policies and educational policies. As President Trump begins his second year in the Whitehouse, he has signed into law sweeping tax policy changes and has stated that infrastructure rebuilding and deregulation across all federal agencies are his top priorities for 2018. The economy in New Jersey and across the nation will continue to change in 2018 with continued growth in many sectors, near full employment and increased demands for workers with Market Valued experience and credentials.
All of these changes provide opportunities for Chamber members to succeed in 2018. Success however will require understanding the changing environment, influencing the environment through policy makers and ensuring Chamber members are informed of changes effecting their business and their industries. Collaboration between business, non-profit institutions, government, organized labor and educational institutions will be critical to success in this changing environment. Fortunately, our Chamber has strong representation in all of these sectors.
The Chamber’s programs and events in 2018 will focus on this changing environment and collaborating with our members to Connect, Grow and Succeed in 2018!
Dr. Dennis W. Devery is the Vice President for Institutional Planning & Research at Thomas Edison State University.