Voice of Business 2019

The Burlington County Regional Chamber of Commerce
invites you to nominate an outstanding person, business or organization for the 2019 Voice of Business Awards.

Nominations should be made addressing the criteria listed and include a description of why you feel the nominee is worthy of an award. Recipients will receive their awards at the Awards Reception & Ceremony which will take place in April 2019.

Please remember that your nomination may be all the committee knows about your candidate, so you will need to be informative yet brief. You may nominate more than one person. Awardees will be notified in January 2019. Nominations are due by Friday, November 16th.

General Guidelines:

  • Awards are open to both member and non-member business entities or individuals as indicated in the specific category criteria.
  • Non-members must have a location or are actively doing business in Burlington County.
  • The nominator does not have to be a member of the Burlington County Regional Chamber of Commerce.
  • Self nominations are welcome.
  • You can review the application questions online here.

Voice of Business Awards Categories

Voice of Business 
Individual or company who demonstrates excellence in commitment to the county business community by meeting three or more of the following criteria: Recruitment of new business to the county; Enhancement of the county’s image; Involvement in community projects; Introduction and/or use of new technologies; Provides leadership in the business community; Actively supports legislative/regulatory action on behalf of business; Increases local employment opportunities; Operates a successful, stable, entrepreneurial enterprise; Creatively overcoming business adversity.

Business Excellence
Nominees will be judged from three different business size categories (criteria for each will be the same):
Fewer than 25 employees, 26-100 employees, or 101+ employees.
Demonstrates excellence in commitment to business and economic development of Burlington County through:
Increasing local employment opportunities;
Leadership and commitment to the community through their involvement in community activities/volunteer work on community projects;
Strategic partnerships with other Burlington County companies to promote business within the county;
Entrepreneurial spirit.

Personal Excellence
Nominees will be judged from two different business size categories (criteria for each will be the same):
Fewer than 25 employees or 26+ employees.
Exemplifies the mission and vision of their employer; serves as a role model for others;
demonstrates leadership & commitment to the community through their involvement in community activities / volunteer
work on community projects; Demonstrates a positive impact on the Burlington County business community.

Economic Development
Nominee can be an individual, company or organization including local business associations such as Urban Enterprise Zones, Main Street organizations and Economic Development officials; demonstrates proactive involvement in promoting business/community growth or revitalization in Burlington County; demonstrates significant commitment in supporting the Burlington County business community.

Public Voice
Elected official or government entity at the municipal, county, state or national level; if a nominee is an individual, he/she must have served in an elected capacity for a minimum of two years (past or present); proven ally to the business community and helped enrich the area’s economic development; nominee’s actions have resulted in a strong, positive business climate in Burlington County.

New Voice
Business in operation, full time, 12 months – 5 years; demonstrates a commitment to grow the business in Burlington County; demonstrates a successful launch of an entrepreneurial enterprise with potential for long-term growth; explain why nominee is a role model in business; must be a for-profit entity to qualify.

Community Enrichment
Non-profit organization/agency that makes Burlington County a better place; demonstrates evidence that the nominee has made a positive impact on the lives of Burlington County Residents; nominator must explain what the nominee has done in the community, with specific examples of its good works.

Outstanding Main Street Business
The nominee must be a for-profit independent business who is member in good standing of a local business association or BCRCC sell a product directly to consumers.  Retailers, restaurants, bakeries and the similar business are eligible for this award. Nominee demonstrates excellence in commitment to business and community development of their town and Burlington County through: Involvement in local community service and activities; Active promotion of local community activities; Innovation in marketing & visibility; Creative partnerships; Demonstrate an entrepreneurial spirit.

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