The Secret to Safe Passwords

By: Art Leiby, President, The Lerepco Group

Remembering and keeping passwords safe are chronic problems for most people and pose critical consequences if their devices are hacked. As medical practices, law firms and other businesses store vital data about clients, protecting their privacy is extremely important. The implications for such a breach include lawsuits, punitive regulatory fines and identity theft.

Many of us also have bad password creation habits. Using your name, address, kids’ names, birthdates or other personal info that could be gleaned from your Facebook page surely exposes you to unnecessary risk.

Here’s a quick rule of thumb for password creation; in 8 to 16 characters use a combination of uppercase, lowercase and special characters. Also, do not use the same password for every other login site you frequent.

How many times have you seen people’s sensitive passwords taped to their desktop? Instead of keeping such critical information on a bright sticky note for all to see, using a Password Manager can be a viable alternative. Here are a few advantages to using one:

  • They are convenient and can be accessed from all your devices. Password Managers have the capability of storing many passwords.
  • Complicated password creation is easier. Password Managers will help you set and store the assorted characters, cases and digits many secure sites are asking for these days.
  • With a Password Manager, you’ll only have to remember one ‘master’ password.
  • You can change hundreds of passwords within seconds due to a security breach.

Not ready for a Password Manager? Keep passwords on your computer in an encrypted file. If your desktop is compromised or stolen, access to your password files are protected.

Lerepco meets with clients to discuss the best options to securing passwords before implementing any programs. We help them establish the right policies and protocols prior to installing any additional software on their devices.

If you have any questions about which Password Managers would work best for you and your company, contact us HERE for a consultation.

Art Leiby is the president of The Lerepco Group. His firm specializes in IT managed services for companies that place security as a top priority, such as the medical and legal industries, and for other professional services as well.