From the Desk of Kristi Howell

President / CEO of the Burlington County Regional Chamber of Commerce

January Welcome to the first issue of The Connector, our new on-line monthly newsletter. I’m pleased that are now able to present a content driven newsletter where are members can share their expert advice. Over the next few months this will evolve. By March, the Connector will also live on our website for a month.  We need your help to make this a success!  While we have developed components to get us started.  We are looking for contributors.  Not every section will run every month. We are looking for members to commit to provided one article a quarter for 2018. Of course, we need your news too! Please keep posting your news on in members in the news and we’ll run it here too! Look for The Connector in you in box on the 3rd Monday of each month. Thanks for reading our first issue.

Connect. Grow. Succeed.  Its not just our tagline; its how we operate at BCRCC. We want to help you connect with fellow members and resources to help you grow your business. It’s not always about a lead; sometimes its a resource or a person to share ideas. It’s putting like-minded people together for discussions whether is our Executive Connection Network; healthcare professionals at our Healthcare Issues roundtables; hospitality professionals at our HRET Council; or technology professionals at our new Technology Council, and many more opportunities. We are here to help you and your business.  Give us  call.  Drop me an email.  Buy an ad!  Update your member profile. Attend an event! Connect with us to grow your business.

Happy Spring!  Or at least that’s what the calendar says.  The calendar also says that we have just about completed the first quarter of 2018!  Where did time go?  Are you where you hoped you’d be by now?  I’m not, but I know that Spring is a time of growth and rebirth so its time to reconnect & prioritize.  Reset your goals, perhaps they have changed.

Spring is a great to refocus on growing your business thought BCRCC.  There is no time like the present to engage in a new program, participate in round table, attend a lunch or just meet with me about introductions.

Spring has Sprung!
There is no time like the present to Grow your business.

As spring arrives, for real this time with the right weather, I want to get of out the office & see you.
I’d love tour of business and the opportunity to meet your team and learn how we can help you connect your business.  I will be reaching out to many of you, but if you’d like to set up a visit, please call or email me.

Summer is here!  I often find myself making great plans to get out early and enjoy the summer days.  Then before I know it Labor Day is here and I’ve spent the summer at my desk.
I have made pledge to not do that this year.  Summer is a great time for team building activities.  Take the time, the work will always be there. Get out and enjoy the weather.  Plan something great to do with your team like a ball game or charitable event.
Whatever you do, don’t let summer pass you by.